The Company

PeakZebra enables you to publish a paid-access “pzBook” — a real book-like online experience. You do it on a WordPress site of your own (hosted by PeakZebra), plus you can deliver updates to your pzBook as a newsletter (hello, SubStack) if you choose. You can read one here.

Because the future of WordPress will be client-side JavaScript and clean migrations to “static” or “Jamstack” sites, PZ also publishes long-form reports on all aspects of the Jamstack (static, headless, etc) ecosystem. Occasional shorter blog posts turn up as appropriate. Boing.

The company formed as the logical extension of Robert Richardson’s content and SEO consulting services.  The advent of Core Web Vitals led Robert back full circle to the technical side of web site development, particularly with regard to what it takes to get chart-topping CWV scores. Enter JAMstack… then a loop back around to WordPress because a controlled WordPress experience is the best way for people to create paid, long-form content experiences like the pzBook. 




Robert Richardson

Robert Richardson has thirty years of experience in software development and in writing about technology–cyber security, cybersecurity and AI in particular. He served as editorial director of TechTarget’s Security media group until late 2018. Prior to this post, he was editorial director at Black Hat, developing online products for the highly successful computer security conference. He spent several years as the director of the Computer Security Institute, where he was on staff from 2003 through early 2011. In that capacity, he’s given keynote presentations on three continents, often speaking about the CSI Computer Crime and Security Survey done in conjunction with the FBI, an undertaking he directed for several years. Prior to CSI, he was senior editor of Communications Convergence magazine for two years, where his beats included telecom security, wireless, Internet messaging and next-generation phone systems. Robert started out his career as a systems-level programmer developing early PC network applications, leading to his writing articles that saw him become a frequent contributor to magazines and Web publications such as Ziff-Davis Internet ComputingBYTENetwork Magazine and Small Business Computing. On occasion, Robert has also taught introductory courses in computer science at Swarthmore College.


“We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.”

– Winston Churchill