Build Individual User Experiences with WordPress

PeakZebra’s Gutenberg blocks help WordPress builders and agencies segment users and deliver personalized interactions throughout their sites

PeakZebra delivers content experiences
and custom segmentation for companies like:

Build sites that meet the audience one-on-one. Add value to client websites and drive additional revenue.

A scenario…

Here’s a live form — go ahead and fill it out to get the ball rolling->

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What do you most hope this site can do for you?

Build on audience insights

Beyond marketing, PeakZebra helps you build a progressively smarter site that moves from education to interactions across the full customer lifecycle.

There’s a Grand Design at work

You gather some info from your subscribers or clients or customers (people, in short)…

Or build yourself a form to gather exactly what you need…

Customize your forms using PHP code…

The code executes at run time, as the user is interacting with the form in their browser. But the code runs on the server with full access to the WordPress environment.

This makes it easily interoperable with tools like ACF and third-party services accessed via API calls.

Display your data in modern, interactive data grids…

Lightning fast refresh as you scroll through your data. Sort by clicking column headers. Drag columns into the order of your choice. You can even edit rows in place.

Behind the scenes, a prebuilt set of business app data tables…

We just had this feeling you’d probably want to store a customer’s email address, the line items on an invoice, the due date for task.

Since we know what the core fields and tables are, every new form or capability we build into PZ (plus all the ones we’ve already built) see the same data and inherently interact with each other.

And yes, you can add that extra field we didn’t think of.

Hi, I’m Robert…

PeakZebra is dedicated to helping you build cool, React-based applications on WordPress systems. And you can customize the application’s performance on the front end using server-based PHP. Because, yes, it’s done using blocks, the key part of the “new era” of WordPress. Blocks make sense for a lot of reasons, including that:

  • They fit seamlessly into the normal content creation workflow
  • They are inherently “drag-and-drop” — for a no-code experience
  • They are the native WordPress editor and working with blocks makes you “future proof.”

Wordcamp talks from 2023:

I highly recommend!

The approach PeakZebra takes to website development is quite innovative. I chose a template that had general characteristics that appealed to me, and then PeakZebra
tailored that site specifically to my business, based upon my input. The process was very efficient – I’ve never had such a simple, smooth experience with the development of my website. The cost was quite reasonable, and the time it took PeakZebra to have me up and running was quicker than any other site I have ever had developed.

The result was a very creative, professional site. I highly recommend PeakZebra for your website needs
Troy Berberick
Berberick Law