Time for your site to do something? PeakZebra makes it easy to achieve your goals, create worksheets and calculators for site visitors, and even build full SaaS applications right inside the “new WordPress.” We use premium Gutenberg blocks that combine to build applications.

Starting your site from scratch? PeakZebra can help with that too.

Diagram showing process of building apps with PeakZebra blocks.

Membership Benefits

A coherent approach

Evolve your site with your needs

Flexible and scalable

Low/No-Code applications

Fixed monthly cost / fast results

Part of your team

Meet the block set for building user interactions and applications in WordPress.

There’s a pretty good chance!

OK, no. Not pixie dust. In fact, you’re right if you’re thinking, “hey, somebody’s going to have to get their hands a little dirty and write some code.”

Yes, but it won’t be you.

PeakZebra starts with pre-set blocks that handle abstractions like “customer” and “product”, but we tailor them to your specific requirements (and modify them as your requirements change). If you need special logic in part of your application, we code that and encapsulate it in a block. That way, if you need the same functionality in more than place, you just drag the right blocks into place more than once.

Another important point: the PeakZebra block set understands multiple tenancy right out of the gate, so you can build SaaS applications.

Let’s schedule a call to see whether PeakZebra is a good fit for your project.

That’s up to you.

If you’ve got your (WordPress, block-based) site in place and you’re happy as a clam, we’re happy too. We’ll give you blocks to drag onto your pages, along with a behind-the-scenes plugin or two.

If you want to fire up the whole site from scratch, we do that as part of our regular monthly plan. We’re the development team/webmaster you don’t want (or need) to pay $120k a year for.

We don’t claim to be genius visual designers–we’re on the nerdy side of things. But we can do pretty tasty sites if outright genius isn’t required. And we know some genius designers we’d be happy to connect you with to get just the right look.

We’d be the first to say that a great design, brand voice, and story is half the battle.

We use PeakZebra blocks to implement our client request queue, of course. You can get a good idea of the basic functionality, plus all the services that might be added to your own queue as you move forward.

Can we have your first name, so we can make the experience more “you-centric”?

First name

Hi, I’m Robert…

Senior developer and founder of PeakZebra

PeakZebra is a solo operation dedicated to helping you build applications and “app-like-things” in your WordPress environment. And it’s done using blocks, the key part of the “new era” of WordPress. Blocks for apps makes sense for a lot of reasons, including that:

  • They fit seamlessly into the normal content creation workflow
  • They are inherently “drag-and-drop” — for a no-code experience
  • These blocks talk to each other and tie into a per-configured set of database tables (architected to be 10x than custom post types and metadata fields)
  • Working with PeakZebra gives you a fixed monthly cost when you need it, then no cost at all when you don’t

Just as Matt Mullenweg says “Code is Poetry” in the broader WordPress space, I believe that Content is Code. Sure, traditional content is vital, but websites that do things, that have interactive tools, that perform work for you or your customers–these are what make the difference in an overcrowded web market with too many ChatGPT jockeys spinning out too many vacuous listicles.

Join me when you’re ready to go and we’ll hit the ground running.

Pick your PLAN for wordpress application greatness…
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$2600/ MO


App functionality on an as-needed basis.

$1000 discount with code LAUNCH23

Work with PeakZebra on a month-to-month subscription basis, but you only pay in months when we’re actively working on your requests. It’s a different approach and it’s powerful. Host your site with us or elsewhere…it’s your site, after all. In months you’re active, we turn most requests around in 2-3 days.

Half off with code

We ask for a three-month commitment, during which we’ll put your basic site together with any block-based or FSE theme that meets some basic quality controls, plus build your first application, all within the 90-framework (and possibly much faster). That’s a launch for $6750. Try that with your local agency…

I highly recommend!

The approach PeakZebra takes to website development is quite innovative. I chose a template that had general characteristics that appealed to me, and then PeakZebra
tailored that site specifically to my business, based upon my input. The process was very efficient – I’ve never had such a simple, smooth experience with the development of my website. The cost was quite reasonable, and the time it took PeakZebra to have me up and running was quicker than any other site I have ever had developed.

The result was a very creative, professional site. I highly recommend PeakZebra for your website needs
Troy Berberick
Berberick Law

It’s your WordPress site… doing more than you expected. Doing it the way you want it and at the pace that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the strengths of WordPress is that ordinary people and businesses can handle ordinary maintenance and updates. But when you step beyond that, hiring a developer is hard because there’s a shortage of them, and expensive ($70k right up to $150k or so, plus benefits). You can use contract help, but that presents a whole set of other concerns and most likely won’t cost less than working with PeakZebra.

With PeakZebra, you use our help to create what is essentially a no-code capability to build and evolve application functionality on your website. We customize blocks for your specific data and processes. You then drag and drop the blocks.

Or we drag and drop the blocks, if you like, along with a whole list of other WordPress-related task. It’s like hiring your part-time, as needed–but dedicated–WordPress specialist for a few thousand dollars a year. It probably goes without saying, but this will be tens of thousands of dollars less expensive than hiring a developer to create a fully custom application for you.

Nope. That said, even though we’re fast, we only work on one of your requests at a time and requests take anywhere from a day or two up through a couple of weeks (for particularly complex things). Most take 2-4 days.

We give you a rough indication of how complex we think a task is on the form where you select and submit your requests (you can see how this looks here–the right-hand “effort” column rates the typical request timeframe). Once a site is up and running, most requests only take a couple business days.

Generally speaking, PeakZebra is an agency of one. You work directly with me (more about me here). Some tasks (the less application-specific WordPress tasks) may, to speed queue management, be entrusted to a small stable of WordPress specialists. All work is reviewed by me before handoff.

A few years ago, WordPress began migrating to an approach to building sites that uses “blocks” to build both the content of pages and also other elements, such as headers and footers. It’s somewhat like third-party tools called “page builders”–products like Divi, BeaverBuilder, and Elementor–but it’s fully native to WordPress, not an overlay.

Third-party companies and developers can (and do) build specialty and custom blocks, so pretty much anything you can imagine as an element in a website probably already has a block to create with. More often than not, there are several blocks to choose from.

It’s clear that the future of WordPress lies with this block-based approach (which is also often called “Gutenberg,” it’s original project name).

PeakZebra leverages this by building blocks that understand data records and application logic. We have a core set of pre-built blocks and we customize them for specific website uses, making the process much faster than developing from scratch.

You log into your account on PeakZebra, pick the request type that best fits what you’d like to see done, provide the information we need for the task, and then submit it to your queue.

You can review your queue at any time to reorder your pending requests, of course.

PeakZebra then tackles the topmost item on your queue, one task at a time. Turnaround is fast.

No. You do have to be running an instance and theme that we feel comfortable working with and it has to be block-based. Because WordPress is increasingly focused on the block paradigm and because of the added support requirements, we don’t work with sites that are created by “page builders” such as Divi, Elementor, and several others. We can help you transition if you’d just as soon move to a block-based site.

We’ll correct and modify anything we’ve done for you that you aren’t happy with, revising things as many times as needed until you’re happy. But there are generally no refunds.

We’ll change it to do what it should. Of course, there are things a person can dream of that can’t be achieved on a WordPress platform, but for ordinary, data-centric applications, we iterate until we get it right.

That’s part of the beauty of our approach! You can pause your subscription if you’re all set for a while–then return when you need further changes or new blocks. If you have already purchased months that you haven’t started, those months won’t go to waste — you can pick back up with them when you’re ready.

Note that if you’re hosting with us, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee (generally, $50) for the hosting in months when you aren’t using your subscription.

It depends, but probably not. We strictly limit the number of new sites we take on in a given month in order to get them done more quickly, but a typical site (landing page, blog, about page, etc) with a custom application or tool will generally take two to three months, depending a whole lot on how complex your requirements are.

We can give you a much better sense of the time commitment in an initial Zoom call.

What kind of requests can you add to your queue?
  1. Build a basic page
  2. Add 1-3 data block forms to a page.
  3. Add and configure a listing block (e.g., a list of customers who’ve ordered a specific product) to a page.
  4. Implement a 5-page shell of your site working from an existing FSE theme.
  5. Implement a calculation within a page as part of an app.
  6. Create a customized form for a worksheet or tool app.
  7. Perform basic SEO audit of your live site.
  8. Add Google analytics tracking to your site.
  9. Literally dozens and dozens more.

We work with a limited number clients in any given month to ensure rapid throughput. You put as many requests as you like into your queue (and we work with you to work toward strategic goals) — we handle those requests one at a time. We define the requests carefully to create chunks of work that can be processed quickly. You’ll be literally shocked at how much work gets done in a month.