Two upcoming app templates

At roughly a week into my September “sprint,” the contents of the next update are becoming clearer, so I thought I’d share some details.

First, there will be a very lightweight CRM application, which I seem to be calling LitelyCRM. It’s absolutely aimed at providing a base to build on, not at providing the full array of functions you might find in, I dunno, Salesforce.

To make the “building on this” part easier to see, I’m making a screencast video that walks through putting together a version with a couple added capabilities. It’ll help you keep disciplined about staying in touch with contacts you share this or that interest with on a regular basis.

Also up for end-of-September release is a very small app that stores a curated library of links to web resources. Two things of interest about this:

  1. It allows users with accounts on the site to bookmark their favorites. Each user has their own set of bookmarks.
  2. It;s organized by tags, and rather than reinvent the taxonomy wheel, this integrates with the existing WordPress taxonomy functionality.

Finally, at least one “logic block” will be released, probably a pretty straightforward block that displays a calculated value (you supply the calculation).

Logic blocks are where the PeakZebra concept gets complicated (from the perspective of designing and developing the features), so there will be more to say about that in upcoming posts…