The first LiveTheme goes live

I’ve gone back and forth a ridiculous number of times about what, exactly, PeakZebra should be. What was the offer? What was PeakZebra going to sell and how was it going to sell it. I’ve had to learn a lot of self discipline when it comes to avoiding the distractions of new shiny ideas and things.

As of this week, though, PeakZebra has a wonderfully clear vision: we sell LiveThemes.

A LiveTheme is like a traditional WordPress theme in that it provides a design template for a WordPress site. But it’s a lot more than that. It’s a site that’s fully configured to carry out a specific function. In other words, it does things.

Our first “site that does things” is a LiveTheme for running a free+premium newsletter. You can think of it as Substack without having to hand over 10% of your revenues, though it also has some additional cool features up its sleeve.

If you’re thinking about launching a newsletter, or if you’re running one on Substack or, I’d encourage you to take a look at the LiveLetter LiveTheme.

“Buying” a LiveTheme means having PeakZebra set up a preconfigured site for you. It’s got all the text and images and forms and payment gateways you need to run the business, but in a theme-like stand-in text format. You’ll want to replace most or all of the placeholders.

It’s a WordPress block theme (based on a Kadence theme), so it’s the “new era” approach to WordPress and you can change things to your heart’s content using the WordPress built-in editor.

If you don’t want the hassle or don’t want to be forced to learn WordPress right away, though, you’ve got options:

For $445 we’ll work with you to get all the placeholder text and images changed out to your liking. This usually takes a week or two.

Thereafter, you can subscribe to “request queue access,” which means that you can use our bespoke application to request a wide variety of changes to the site. You can request as many things as you like, we work on queue items one at a time. You’re sharing the queue with other clients, but our aim is that no request takes more than two business days before it’s filled. Given that this costs $70 a month, it’s a terrific value.

And you can pause the queue access subscription whenever and for as long as you like if you aren’t in need of changes.

We’ll be ramping up slowly so that we can keep a close eye and manage the queue response time (two business days!). This means we won’t take on more new clients than we can handle, so if you want to jump in sooner rather than later, you’ll want to be quick about it.

If you have questions, you can reach me directly at robert — at —