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Your Site, the 101 Course

Here’s a whole bunch of resources for taking on particular tasks with your site, some picked out as the best from around the web, some produced by PeakZebra so that they speak exactly to your site and its options. 

For PeakZebra resources, we’ve made both a video and a text version of the instruction. Please by all means ask questions in the comments section of PeakZebra tutorials so that we can answer them and improve these elements over time. 

Getting Started from Zebra: Front, Back, and Logging In

A PZ look at just plain getting going.

What’s Going on In the Admin Console?

We’re not going to use all the options just yet–and you won’t even see some of them yet on your normal account–but it’s worth skimming through this article from Kinsta to see what kinds of things are controlled from the console. Don’t take any of the suggested actions from the article, just get the overall gist. Off we go… 

Pages vs Posts

You’ll have noticed that the left-hand menu of the admin dashboard includes options for Posts and Pages. These are the two fundamental content building blocks of your site.

This article from WPBeginner spells out the basic differences between the two, but the most absolute reduction is that posts are for content that appears as blog entries and pages are standalone pieces of content that tend to have more design elements incorporated in them.

Which brings us to an important point. In your site, most of what you add to the site will be in the form of Posts. And when you add these posts, you’ll use the native editing interface (the Block interface) that comes with WordPress. It’s a great editor, and very straightforward once you’ve had just a little bit of instruction.

In order to get a high degree of design into the primary pages (home page, about page, and so on), an add-on editing tool was used. The tool is called Divi and you are licensed for it through PeakZebra. 

For now, our suggestion is to work with PeakZebra for changes that need to be made to Pages, while exploring blog entries using Posts. But we’ll have lots more to say about using Divi down the road.

Editing Posts: The Block Editor

When writing posts, you’ll use WordPress’s own “block editor,” sometimes also called the “Gutenberg editor.”