Thanks for using PeakZebra’s “campaign ROI tool.” With this tool, you can calculate a reasonably accurate projection of the value of gaining top rankings for sets of interrelated search terms. This estimate values your campaign results by considering what it would cost to gain the same amount of traffic by using pay-per-click ads run against the same keywords.

It’s important to note that this does not estimate the value you might receive in terms of sales resulting from click-throughs, which is another very useful way to look at the value of organic search traffic. Still, in a world where directly linking specific sales to specific search result click throughs, looking at cost-per-click is a great way to tie campaign value to real market data.

Speaking of data: The data from the forms used in this tool are not stored or used except by you. Other than queries made against our tables of keyword and cost-per-click rates, all the work in this tool is done locally on your machine. You may choose, after working with this tool, to request that we create a more detailed analysis for you, but that’s a separate process.

The process is simple, involving three forms and taking less than five minutes. Start here:

Considering your organization’s overall business, which of the following areas of security products and services would you say reflects the largest part of your business?

Feel like your specific market area isn’t represented in this list?

That’s entirely possible. If you drop us a line, we’ll be happy to analyze your specific niche. And if, by chance, you’re creating a new product or service niche, then there are important opportunities for keyword development that we can help you with. Drop us a note!