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The PeakZebra Process for Cybersecurity Vendors.


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Targeted web traffic is worth money.


Let’s do the math.

Let’s find some keywords related to what you do.

find a few we expect we can get ranked for.

(wave our hands to keep this a manageable length.)

Then We’ll put your exact keyword projections in front of you,
Solid estimates based on current data.

We get the roi dialed in before starting

We create a detailed plan for the PeakZebra part of your content marketing efforts. (We don’t need to be your only marketing team, just the one you know will be worth your investment.)

Dossiers of SEO Research

Each month, you get four data cards that show you a possible new content piece, with title, metadata, subheads, keyword lists, and an overview to explain the opportunity. 


customized client keyword tool

The magic happens when the plan is tied to PZ’s Dossier suggestions for rank-effective content, then supported with a custom-created database of about 50K keyword search terms tailored to you.  

We Know Enterprise Security

Robert has served as editorial director for the Black Hat conference group, editorial director of security media at, and director of the Computer Security Institute. 

About your seo database

Unlike other SEO keyword research tools, PeakZebra creates a custom data set that focuses on keywords relevant to your niche, only those that have to do with information security, and with keywords related to each other based on AI and hand curation. So when you get “related keywords” suggestions, they aren’t just variations on the keyword you already provided. It’s  powerful.

tightening the ties between code and content 

Oh, one other thing… Robert Richardson worked as a software developer for over a decade and has returned to development because he believes both that speeding up websites is critical for good CWV results, but also because software-based interactions with prospects are an increasingly fruitful way to build traffic and capture top keyword rankings. Working with a team of freelance professionals, PeakZebra is ready to deliver a number of worksheets and tools you can offer to prospects as part of your website.  

we're ready for google cwv

 Everything mentioned so far is core to the business, but there’s something else in the wind as well… Google provided a full year’s advance notice that they’d be focusing on new metrics beginning in Q2 of 2021. The metrics are called Core Web Vitals and for many businesses, the arrival of CWV to Google’s ranking algorithms will mean you lose rank in Google results to your competitors who score better by the new marks. 

The Right Choice

When you’re ready, here are three ways PeakZebra can help you:


Weekly security content marketing NEWSLETTER

Every week brings an update listing newly posted vendor content that we think will move the SEO needle, along with commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of specific tactics used in that week’s content. 


content campaign roi tool

You pick the niche and the top-level keywords for a content campaign, we tell you how much the pageviews you’ll generate are worth on the open pay-per-click market. 

Free Strategy Zoom Call-- Preview Your custom-tailored seo keyword guru tool

Give us some indication of what kinds of content and direction you’d like on your web site, we’ll have a look, run some calculations on keyword search volume, and then get together with you to discuss. 

robert wrote the book

It’s possibly the only book in the world specifically dedicated to Enterprise IT Security content marketing. We’d be happy to send you a copy–just drop a note below and let us know. 

category smashing cover

RECEnt clients

“Robert was instrumental in supporting a variety of marketing projects including running a deep SEO audit and analysis, and contributing to new content. Through Robert’s efforts, we’ve seen an increase in inbound website traffic, and overall engagement. Robert’s vast experience in writing to technical and non-technical audiences, along with his knowledge of digital marketing best practices has broadened the reach of our brand, and contributed to new opportunities.”

Jim Albright

Head of Marketing, Defendify

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How much is it worth to add some net new sales each month?

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