Quite the laundry list

As mentioned in previous blogs, the arrival of the WCUS conference was a self-imposed deadline for me to actually launch PeakZebra as a set of app-building blocks, even if it was a soft launch.

While I did meet the minimal requirements for the goal I’d set, it’s also fair to say that it turned out to be an exceedingly soft launch. Like, this is only just barely a product soft.

So I’ve got a growing list of things that really, really need to be there. If somebody rejects the thing as it stands, that doesn’t yet really tell me much. Maybe they didn’t want it because they don’t think they want to build applications using drag-and-drop components. On the other hand, maybe they don’t want it because they can’t quite imagine getting where they want to go with the currented blocks and the one application template (project management) that I’ve put together.

It’s only a couple of days since I got back from WCUS, but I’ve been pretty focused on setting the next internal deadline and figuring out how to get to an MVP that actually satisfies me (and, I hope, you) as quickly as possible.

The good news–genuinely good news–is that there are a few things that, once added, will cover an enormous portion of the gap. And those are things I think can be in place within a couple of weeks.

Because what I need are more template applications that put the various blocks through their paces in a way that makes it clear how a client gets from a template to, say, a client relations management workflow that’s custom tailored to their business.

I’ve also decided to set aside some time to talk about the development process and various ways to push the envelope in WordPress development, which I hope will be of use to folks, especially agency folks who might want to deliver bespoke apps using these tools.

The next couple of weeks should be interesting. If you want to be hooked in when the blog/screencast/tutorial thing (not quite sure how to characterize it yet) makes its debut, sign up here. I’ll give you a heads up but I won’t clutter your inbox otherwise.