Hello, world!

What a brilliant thing it was to come up with “hello, world!”, which I think can be attributed to Brian Kernighan. He used the phrase in an example program internal to his lab in 1974, then he and Ritchie put it on the world map in 1978 with their introduction to the C computer language.

When I started programming in 1986 or so, the book was still a perfectly good way to fundamentally learn about C, though in fact I started in Pascal, using Borland’s Turbo Pascal because it was cheap and it was so freaking cool (at the time, at the time).

To me, having cut my teeth as a professional programmer in C, it’s fascinating to see how many of the prominent languages today look and act a lot like C, especially if you allow yourself to range forward to C++ in order to pick up object-oriented capabilities. As I write this, the PeakZebra site is running on WordPress, which is built using PHP. It probably really should be running on a JAMstack platform, but for the moment I am the proverbial bull in JAMstack’s ecosystem, at least as far as learning and trying things out are concerned. I’d be breaking the site pretty much every day. WordPress, on the other hand, I can basically set up and leave alone, except for adding new content.

The logical place to go from here is the About page, or possibly the Services page, if you’re already confident that PeakZebra can help you.

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