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  • A WordPress Client Dashboard

    A WordPress Client Dashboard

    Just to be clear right up front, this is not an article about customizing the back-end dashboard that WordPress provides to system administrators. This is an article that captures my journey in creating a WordPress client dashboard to show various kinds of statistical progress to PeakZebra clients. These folks don’t care how many page views […]

  • A Solidity Definition

    If you’re keeping an eye on Blockchain, you may have run across mentions of “solidity” as part of discussions of the Ethereum blockchain, and in particular alongside discussion of smart contracts. Any solidity definition is going to lead you straight into the topic of smart contracts and this post is no exception. The smart contract […]

  • Gatsby rolls out functions, “shifts left”

    Gatsby (the company) held a “summer camp” online earlier today and used the occasion to push the new “functions” capability into general availability. Functions is interesting in and of itself, but equally interesting was the way that Gatsby, and product director Dustin Schau (@SchauDustin ) in particular, were talking about what the rollout meant for […]

  • GatsbyConf 2021 brings new 3.0 version and new images

    Latest revision: March 4, 2021 The online virtual GatsbyConf, which kicked off today, announced at least six significant updates, including a 3.0 release of Gatsby itself; a new component that goes beyond the already savvy Gatsby-sharp handling images used within Gatsby sites; and the addition of a CDN service (in partnership with Fastly) to the […]

  • The Core Web Vitals Report

    Nobody loves a report more than I do.

  • Day Two: Looks at Angular+Jamstack, Github Founder’s Take

    Key among the events at the second day of the Jam.Dev online event was the concluding “fireside chat” with RedwoodJS creator and Github founder Tom Preston-Warner, in which Preston-Warner imagined a more full-stack edge architecture, something he is working on RedwoodJS to create. (Coverage of day one is here.) Moderator Brian Rinaldi, developer advocate at […]

  • 2021 kicks off with azure and ecommerce

    Today was the first day of a two-day Jam.Dev event online. The event had a lot to offer people who are presently trying to sort out the lay of the land in the static site generator ecosystem. The Azure Take on Static Shmuela Jacobs, cloud developer advocate at Microsoft, walked through the Static Web App […]

  • embedding javascript in wordpress posts

    One thing I recently heard for the first time (because I’m not really all that immersed in the current world of WordPress development) is that the Gutenberg block system that new versions of WordPress use is implemented in JavaScript. And it would appear that all the client-side work on WordPress is in JavaScript where possible. […]

  • What is json, we begin

    In the first epoch of my professional life, we scraped along without JSON files. So, while I knew that package.json was a file that kept cropping up in node.js, I wasn’t really clear on “what is JSON?” thing was all about, or even what the acronym stood for. So, OK, it stands for JavaScript Object […]