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WordSaaS 3: A frontend interface block

One thing I need for the particular SaaS I’m building is a block that let’s subscribers edit question and answer sets when they log into their accounts. They are in essence configuring the behavior of blocks on their own site, but when on the SaaS site they are not editing on the back end. They […]

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Using the WordPress editor modal component

There are a few React components that show up over and over again when you’re developing custom block types—things like TextComponent and CheckboxControl. One that doesn’t get much of a workout (and, indeed, I hadn’t ever used it until I started contemplating a block that would have a significant amount of text (code, actually) associated […]


The Builder Backlash

Even as someone who has thrown in their lot with Gutenberg, I have had my moments where I might have been tempted to tweet, as Ari Stathopoulos did a few days ago on Twitter, that “I can’t understand our code anymore and it keeps getting more and more complex instead of simpler.” Stathopoulos is a […]