Agency Program

Hi, I’m Robert, founder of PeakZebra. I’m seriously excited about what agencies will be able to do with PeakZebra LiveThemes (blueprints).

You can take these LiveThemes, tweak and refine them as needed, and charge whatever’s appropriate for your business scenario and customers. If you license them with PeakZebra, your cost is $279 per site. You can host through us or use whatever hosting you normally use (we use very standard approaches to getting things done in LiveThemes, so we don’t really see any quirks arising from using other hosting, but figuring out any issues there and fixing them is something we’d be looking to you to tackle).

Thereafter, you can use PeakZebra for white-label services or you can handle things yourself, but if you’re charging reasonable agency rates, you’re almost certainly going to find it’s highly profitable to use PeakZebra for the maintenance of these sites. You pay the same rates we charge our clients for setup help ($445). Then, when it comes to changes we handle through our change request queue, things get interesting.

For each PeakZebra-based site, you need a queue access subscription, but you get these at increasingly large discounts as you add sites. The first is $70/mo., the second through fifth is $55, six through ten is $35, and it’s $25 per license thereafter. And you only get billed for as many sites as you queue changes for in a given month. If you have twenty sites, but you only queue changes for three, you pay $70 + $55 + $55 for any and all changes you queue for those three sites. No sites changed in a month? There’s a baseline $70/mo. charge once you have more than one site.

Who gets to join? You have to be a real agency, but you don’t have to be a big agency. In fact, I’ve got serious respect for one-person shops. Drop me a line (or book a zoom call to discuss further), point me to your agency website, and I’ll get you set up and rolling.

Looking forward to partnering,